Roey Marquis Feat. Brixx - "The Rain"

I think back fondly on the collaboration with Roey Marquis to this day. Brixx added a new context of meaning to this timeless classic with her powerful and virtuous performance.

Emel - "Slowly"

The first single from the debut album of this exceptional artist is for me to this day a pretty cool track. Working with her and Tatanga - a longtime companion and legendary producer who appeared incognito - was tremendous fun.

Bobby Kimball "Rise up"

The first solo album of the great and legendary Toto lead singer was produced by Tommy Schmitt-Zijnen and Tommy Korge and recorded largely live in the studio. At that time I was a real ace at the keys and it was an honor and a great experience to be part of it.

Gibran Project / Maximilian Schell „Von den Kindern"

Maximilian Schell gave this beguilingly beautiful and timeless lyric of Gibran an almost seductive gentleness.

Gibran Project / Joy Denelane - „Vom Geben“

An unusual interpretation of Joy Denelane.

Gibran Proj. / Rolf Schult „Von der Freiheit“

Rolf Schult once again negotiates Gibran's thoughts with his incomparable timbre, which I have immersed in a searching mood of awakening with this track - at least that's what I hope;-)

Gibran Project - Der Prophet / AL & various artists

A terrific project where we were able to get great artists to recite the timeless verses of Khalil Gibran in the context of contemporary, atmospheric tracks.

Oliver Hehemann and Mike Smeaton were executive producers, Bernd Hoffmann - the successful marketer and artistic consultant of the Rilke project - was the responsible strategic and artistic A&R and MD.

I'm composer and responsible executive music producer.

Gibran Project / Frank Glaubrecht „Von der Liebe“

Frank Glaubrecht recites Gibran's "Of Love"